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Integrated Science vs. External Layer

Georgia-Pacific pioneered a chemistry and manufacturing process that created a disruptive innovation. This advancement frees the industry from traditional methods of manually applying a WRB-AB over the sheathing on the job site where misapplication can occur. AquaKor® Technology integrates the WRB-AB within DensElement® Barrier System. This proprietary expertise was designed to keep walls dry to avoid building envelope failure. Patented DensElement® Barrier System is finished easily by properly sealing joints, fasteners, openings, and transitions with PROSOCO R-Guard® FastFlash®.

Proven in Projects Nationwide

With hundreds of successful projects in nearly 3 years of on the job application, DensElement® Barrier System has proven its trustworthiness. Just ask the architects, general contractors, and installers who’ve chosen it.

"I rely on it to maintain the integrity and durability of the off-grid homestead, and will continue to do it on future projects."

Chris Laumer-Giddens

LG Squared, Inc.

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