Work Faster. Skip a Step.

No additional WRB-AB membrane saves installation time

install the Dens Element™ sheathing


Install DensElement™ Sheathing just like standard fiberglass mat gypsum sheathing

seal with PROSOCO R-Guard® Fast Flash® liquid flashing


Seal with PROSOCO R-Guard® Fast Flash® liquid flashing

step 3

Skip A Step!

Done! No additional WRB- AB membrane required over sheathing face


"It eliminates risk for us… it's one less or two less trips around this building, which in turn, saves us time, saves us money and it also helps with safety."

– Mike Jenkins, President, Rightway Drywall


Installation Instructions

Tools & Materials

Sealing Joints and Seams


Sealing Fasteners

Sealing Vertical Corners


Sealing Rough Openings

Sealing Pipe Penetrations


Sealing Material Transitions

Limitations and Solutions

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