Limited Warranty


Limited warranty against deterioration or delamination of the DensElement™ Sheathing for exposure to normal weather conditions.

(12-Year EIFS)

Limited warranty against manufacturing defects in the DensElement™ Sheathing.*


Limited warranty for the DensElement™ Barrier System's performance as a water-resistive and air barrier (WRB-AB) with project registration.


*For complete details, download the DensElement Barrier System Limited Warranty.

Register Your Project

Ensure that your project meets the requirements for the 5-year limited warranty for performance as a WRB-AB. Qualified purchases of the DensElement™ Barrier System – including the DensElement™ Sheathing plus PROSOCO R-Guard® FastFlash® liquid flashing – are eligible with registration. Once the registration has been confirmed, allow Georgia-Pacific a minimum of 20 days to observe the installation before any cladding or other covering is installed over the DensElement™ Barrier System.

One of the Best in the Business

Just like the DensGlass® GOLD Sheathing that you know and trust, the DensElement™ Barrier System incorporates the same high quality and performance you would expect from Georgia-Pacific Gypsum.

The premium nature of the DensElement™ Barrier System merits a premium warranty. In addition to our typical 5-year manufacturer's defect limited warranty for the DensElement™ Sheathing and our typical 12-month limited warranty against delamination or deterioration of the DensElement™ Sheathing from exposure to normal weather, we've added a 12-month limited warranty for performance of the DensElement™ Barrier System as a water-resistive and air barrier (WRB-AB) to assure that a properly installed system performs exactly the way you expect it to. See our limited warranty for complete details.

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