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Temporary Wall Holds Up to Harvey

The University of Texas Medical Branch located 50 miles southeast of Downtown Houston in Galveston, Texas, recently weathered the storms of Hurricane Harvey during its expansion renovations. Prior to Harvey, a temporary wall was installed using the DensElement™ Barrier System, an integrated exterior gypsum sheathing with a water-resistive barrier and air barrier (WRB-AB) to protect the interior of the building. The DensElement™ Barrier System with AquaKOR™ Technology integrates the WRB-AB into the fiberglass mat providing superior moisture and mold protection. The DensElement™ Barrier System resists normal weather conditions, like rain, snow and ice, and also has high vapor permeability that allows moisture to pass through the sheathing in both directions, in any climate, if it does enter the structural wall.

Rob Mims, Vice President of King Company, saw first-hand DensElement™ in action, as water did not penetrate through the exposed wall after the recent tropical storms. “DensElement™ fared very well through 40” of rain,” said Rob Mims.

“Now that I have seen DensElement™ Barrier System in action, I have a peace of mind knowing the building will not leak even in hurricanes and tropical winds,” said Mims. “I’ve never had any problems with Georgia-Pacific’s products in the past and knowing the quality standards G-P has, I didn’t have to worry.”

Not only did Rob Mims reap the benefits of water not passing through the temporary wall during the tropical storms, but he also benefited from time and labor savings. “DensElement™ Barrier System saves time,” Mims explained. “You can cut a trade by eliminating hiring another sub to do water-proofing. Once you get the sheathing up, you caulk it, you walk, and you are ready to rock! The speed of installation is much quicker than doing conventional water-proofing.”

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