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Learn to Install

Learning to install the DensElement® Barrier System takes just 2 easy steps.
1. Install DensElement® Sheathing just like standard fiberglass mat sheathing
2. Seal joints, fasteners, and transitions with PROSOCOR-Guard® FastFlash®

Use these video resources to understand the steps to install and why you’ll want to recommend DensElement® Barrier System on your next project.

Tool & Materials

Sealing Joints and Seams

Sealing Fasteners

Sealing Vertical Corners

Sealing Rough Openings

Sealing Pipe Penetrations

Side by Side There’s No Comparison

Compare the installation of DensElement® Barrier System vs. fluid-applied, self-adhered and building wrap WRB-ABs, and draw your own conclusions.

DensElement® Barrier System vs. Fluid Applied Application

DensElement® Barrier System vs. Peel & Stick Application

DensElement® Barrier System vs. Building Wrap Application

"Installation was flawless."

Rodney Mines

SP Design Group

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